Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My Brother Is A Husband

So last off I was whining about how I don't want to be an adult correct?
I don't know how to start this post...

Almost two weeks ago now was the bachelorette party.
I could give you the short or the long version...or just the version I remember.
The night started off awkward but okay at a restaurant where we ate way too much food.
Then we ditched the moms and took a cab to the hotel.
The maid of honor and I decorated the room while the others went out for a smoke. When they came back we decided it was time for some drinks.
I have discovered my a new least favorite and soda water. How disgusting! How can anybody drink this? I thought.
A few gifts were given the bride, she put her get up on (a sash and tiara), more drinks were had.
We showed up at a bar (where the bachelor party was) and I found my man and my good friend from work (or as I was calling him that night, "my best friend"), I saw a girlfriend I was close with when I was 15 and the boy I dated when I was fifteen. Did I mention my ex-boyfriend from two years ago was at my brother's bachelor party?
I don't have a clue if I said anything to him or what happened, but apparently later on I was crying (wonderful!)
Next thing I remember is being sick.
I woke up the next morning with a stamp on my hand and a headache.

I'm glad I don't have many female friends, that would be too many bachelorette parties.

This past weekend was the wedding.
Holy crap my brother is married, he is a husband. He wears a ring now. How weird.
I didn't cry, I didn't fall, I didn't get sick.
It was actually a lot of fun.
But the next day I was a bit sad? or just off. My younger brother is married before me, he has enough for a down payment on a house. We once made a bet on who would have a house first. I am still determined to win this bet.
Anyways, it's a little bit depressing that my younger brother did everything before me except get his license, first car or his period (because duh! boys don't get those)

Enjoy the rest of your week!
Soon I'll be blogging on certain days so that I have a proper schedule (Type A sometimes)

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