Monday, May 26, 2014

Ten Things

It's almost six months into the year and I've finally become ill.
I think I had a cold in January or March but I can't remember as it was only a cold.
This is much worse which is why I'm blogging on a Monday morning.  I could be watching Supernatural or sleeping more but no, I've decided to blog.
This where I took a break to fall asleep while watching Supernatural.
I'm back from the doctor now. I think it's weird when they don't do a swab for a sore throat, but possibly diagnose you with something and give you a prescription. Especially when you have a swollen tonsil.

Anyways, you Reader need to get to know me better (yes I'm telling you this) so here is a list of ten things I am currently in to.

1.Supernatural (I'm late on the bandwagon, I know.)

2.Chunky sweaters for Autumn (it's not even summer yet, but they were on sale!)

3.Chocolate mint Cliff Bars

4. This blog (I love her cute family! Plus she has amazing hair)

5. This youtube channel (another one with amazing hair)

6.Yogurt with frozen fruit and granola

7.Buying books about friendship

8.Soap & Glory body scrubs

9. My Bath and Body Works candle that smells like sunscreen, Lanikai Coconut

10. Not working in retail anymore

Well I'm off to fill prescriptions, eat popsicles and rest.
Have a lovely week and feel free to leave me a comment telling me what you've been loving lately.

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