Sunday, June 22, 2014

Every Week, Everyday

Happy Sunday!

I tried so hard to blog this week, I even started and finished one! And then realized it'd be better with the pictures so I will wait to publish that one.
During the week I try to blog, but I am honestly so boring that it's hard to blog about my life, so I'm going to need to come up with topics.
Today's topic is how hard it is to blog about myself even though I love to write, and what I do on a daily basis/what I did this weekend.

During the week I am a real adult/old woman.
Everyday I am up around 6am, earlier if Boyfriend decides to be a loving pest.
I do three things at once, make coffee, make my lunch and make breakfast.
Breakfast is the same everyday.  Scrambled eggs and yogurt with granola.
I lay in bed (I love bed) and eat until I have 25 minutes before I have to leave.
I then go to work once I'm ready.
I'm usually off around 4pm and I go to my parent's house, make my lunch for the next day, visit, maybe work out or shower then head to Boyfriend's where I become a potato for the next 4-5 hours until I can go to sleep. Sleeping before 9pm is a no-no apparently.
That's Monday-Friday, everyday.
Saturday varies. I may work and if I do, I get breakfast in bed :)
Weekends, I like to sleep in, go to HomeSense, eat a good breakfast, drink lots of coffee, read and watch youtube for hours at a time.

Nothing different happened this weekend, except that I painted my toes.
I'm more excited in the Fall, come back then :)
Have a fantastic week!

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