Tuesday, July 15, 2014

9 Careers I Wanted To Have

When I was younger there were many things I wanted to be when I grew up and the majority of my career options fell under the same category (except for the odd one).

I was probably around the age of seven when I decided I wanted to work at Walmart like Mom. I thought being a cashier was a prime career.
I still have never really been a cashier.

About a year later we were learning about dinosaurs in school. I was going to be a paleontologist.  
I should've stuck with my gut when I was eight as I still find dinosaurs fascinating.

Ages nine to eleven my career options were make up artist, dancer, singer, fashion designer and hair dresser.
I had never used make up and still didn't until I was about fifteen. I was gangly and tall for my age so my awkward movements wasn't really dancing. I was tone deaf.  I still have my binder full of designs. I preferred having my hair done than doing other people's hair.

From age twelve until...well now I was going to model. I was slightly successful in this career path, I just didn't try hard enough. I was in a couple local modeling contests, in a magazine once and in the paper. When I was seventeen I was told to lose weight, I thought that was dumb. I was seventeen and still had baby fat, yet I was so thin.  When I was in my early twenties I decided modeling wasn't for me, I was never going to be a size 0-2, or even a size 6 for that matter. I'm stick quite celery like but I am a size 8 and still think about commercial modeling, but so far I have yet to pursue that idea.
When I was twenty three I figured if you can't model, act. I started taking acting lessons. I went to a couple of open castings and I received a callback once. I didn't get the job but I just tell myself that I looked too young for the role of a twenty four year old.  Those acting lessons got expensive and my bank account wasn't growing, and I still didn't have a head shot or resume to my name. Plus I had a bum wrist from my job. I'm celery like, remember, so thin and wimpy...maybe dead celery.

When my wrist put out of work for about four months I decided it was time to be a real adult and get a "real job" aka a job that I can live off of (and in my mind a job where you don't work Sundays)
Plus my younger man already finished up the schooling for his career and supported my decision to go to school.

As much as I pleaded with my boyfriend to let me be a housewife for a living, after nine months of schooling I am now a phlebotomist.
We have decided though I could be a housewife if he maxes out at the welder wage.
My favorite era is the 1950s so hopefully that explains a bit.

There you have it, the short list of careers I wanted to have.

What careers have you wanted to have? Did you accomplish your dream career?
Enjoy the rest of the week!

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