Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Five(2)- Dealing With Anxiety

Raise your hand if you suffer from anxiety.
Me, me, me!

I'm having a terrible anxiety day.
It started sometime around mid-morning and hasn't left since. Actually it's gotten worse.
I was going to do a post where I whine about it but instead I will share what I sometimes do when I'm having bad anxiety or what I will try.
Plus I just love lists!

Five Things I do to get rid of anxiety:
1. Have a glass of wine...or two
2. Watch youtube (this helps it at the time)
3. Take something like advil night time or gravol to help me sleep.
4. Ask significant other for a back rub (this doesn't always work)
5. Have another glass of wine

Five Things I should try to get rid of anxiety:
1. Start doing yoga again
2. Go for a run a couple hours before bed
3. Spends lots of money at Lush and enjoy a luxurious bath
4. Start writing in my journal again
5. Cut back the caffeine (but I love coffee!)
That's all folks! (Bonus points if you read that in a Porky Pig voice)

Have nice long weekend (if you're getting one)!

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