Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Soon To Be Bath & Body Works Haul

Autumn is on it's way.
I say this and it's not even August yet.
But I am a Fall lover and that means spending my pay check at Bath and Body Works.
I've been browsing their site lately and thought I would share some things that looked intriguing to me.

I am not big on cinnamon smells, but the pumpkins on this cinnamon pumpkin wallflower...
 And I love their apple candles I picked up last year, so this green apple orchard one might be good too..
Anything vanilla works for me..
 Sea salt? Maple? and Popcorn? I'm there.

How can you not be intrigued by a name like Harvest Gathering? It's supposed to smell of  red apple, cinnamon leaf and cranberry.  The cinnamon throws me off, I hope the apple scent is strong.
These are just so simple looking! This one is called Autumn and I think I'm going to enjoy it. The scents are pomegranate, apple and fig.

 This one is odd, but I'm curious.
 I feel my pay check slowly disappearing and I haven't even received it yet.
This one has hints of caramel, apple and vanilla. I'm sold 100% on this one.
 And this owl needs to be adopted.
The hand soaps are on sale, and just look at the sleeves!
There's an apple scentportable! now even my car can smell like Fall!
I don't apologize for being too excited but I do apologize for being too excited at six in the morning.
I think I know where I'm headed after work today.

Have a lovely week!
Can you believe it's August in two days?

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