Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015- The Year of Moving Out

It's 2015!
I have to admit to you that we fell asleep at eleven last night. We woke up at eleven thirty, so just in time.
Today is the day I make a few goals for the year, some of them are silly but they are my goals.

1. Stop going out for coffee so much; make coffee at home. (Money saver)

2. Spend less on makeup (yeah, right)

3. Blog more.  This is a big one for me and one that I really want to work at.  I would like to post more videos to my youtube channel as well, but blogging is my main goal.  I'm going to post every Monday and Wednesday and work up to a third day, or just change the schedule all together.

4. Make a girlfriend.  I have no girlfriends in town.  The one I talk to the most lives in Wisconsin. I'm in B.C. 

5. Move into a space of our own.  Boyfriend and I will have been together for two and a half years come February.  We talked about moving out together at the end of 2012 (when we first started dating), but that was kind of soon. I've lived with him at his parent's house since the end of 2012.  We looked on craigslist all last year for a place to live and just nothing popped out at us.  We've decided this is the year. This bedroom is getting too small for us.  We'd like to buy a house, but houses are expensive.

6. The most difficult goal? Be neater.  I am a messy person.  Always have been.  My room as a child was rarely clean, as an adult it got better....but now it's just a disaster.  My room at my parent's house hold all my appliances, my bed, furniture etc.  It's quite disgusting to walk into.   I am also terrible for leaving dirty dishes around.  My breakfast dishes will sit for days, piling up.  I like to think that when we move out this will get better.
We can only hope...

7. Start eating healthy again.  This is a whole blog post on it's own.
I was a health nut from 2010 to 2012.  I was so restricted on how I would eat (zero chocolate/icecream/cookies)  but I would eat lots. I was strict on my exercise (the time I would do it and for how long).  If only I could go back to that...I was so happy.
2014 was the year of unhealthy eating for me.  While I don't partake in fast food eating (Tim Horton's rarely, Opa once a month and pizza now and then...) I ate out a lot.  We love our sushi and wings.  I also found myself skipping out on dinner quite a lot.  I hate sleeping on a heavy stomach.  I'm weird.  I like big breakfasts, light filling lunches, and healthy dinners (with the occasional roast beef on Sundays) and I'm not a big meat person. 
Anyways! Number 7, start meal planning.  Breakfasts are easy, I eat the same thing every day.
I like salads for lunches.  The past month I would buy a (really good) pre-made salad for every day of the week.  That adds up.  So this morning I went out and bought lettuce, chicken, dressing and I have cheese at home (I like cheese on salad) and I will make salads for the next few days so I can just grab and go.  At least that's the plan.
[expect a whole post about my diet and exercise (past and present) soon because this was fun.]

Those are the goals for this year.
I think that some of them are realistic, the coffee, make up and girlfriend ones? Not so much.

What are your goals for the year or even just the month of January?

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