Saturday, January 31, 2015

Makeup Brush Wish List!

I need some more quality makeup brushes in my life.
I have quite a few RealTechniques brushes and I love them to death.  Then I have an EcoTools brush, I think it's a shadow brush...I actually have no idea.

Anyways, I'm cheap but want quality brushes so I'm going to have to compromise eventually.
 Do you sense a theme here?
I love rose gold and copper.
Sorry for the poor quality picture, but the top left brush is the E35 tapered blending brush from Sigma in copper.  To the right is a rose gold brush set from BH Cosmetics.  Below that is a tapered kabuki brush from Sigma which I'm highly interested in for concealer.  To the left is the rose gold Zoeva face brush set (I'm in love and drool over this daily) I would also like the eye brush set in rose gold, but this is my first choice.  I might buy myself a birthday present...
Lastly is from the new RealTechniques Bold Metals collection (shown is the tapered blush brush).

What are some of your favorite brushes?
Recommendations are welcome!

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