Monday, June 1, 2015

Just A Little Update

Hello Loves,
What's new?

As for me, my anxiety has got the best of me lately which is keeping me from blogging as I don't want to just be blogging about my anxiety issues.

I have been filming quite a few videos, unfortunately it takes hours to publish and upload them so that's been delayed as well.

May was a scorching hot month so we've all been in Summer mode! I need to go shopping for some clothes though, I am a Fall girl so my wardrobe consists of very dark and cozy looking things.

I am attempting to convince my boyfriend that I should be a housewife and just clean and cook for him (anxiety about leaving the house/my job).  He thinks it'd be a good idea, if his wage was doubled.

I finally planned some vacation time through work (unpaid mind you) but I have yet to pick where to go.  I'm thinking Disneyland, but it's not final yet.

I also want a house.

But I don't want to be broke.

Lots of thinking going on lately.

Fill me in on your life :)

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