Thursday, August 20, 2015

What's On Television?

Hey Guys,

Enjoy this picture of a new cute puppy:

What is everyone watching on television nowadays? Or does everyone just watch Netflix?

I don't have cable, so I'm curious.

I might get cable when the Fall premiers begin...
Mostly for American Horror Story.

It seems like every show I like gets cancelled.
Last year I was really into "Witches of East End" but it didn't last long.

As for current tv I really enjoy watching "Chasing Life" and "Border Security" when I can.

Other than that, I live off of Netflix.

This Summer I've had marathons of "House" and "The Secret Life of the American Teenager".  I can always watch "Gilmore Girls" but I prefer watching it during Autumn the best along with "Gossip Girl".  I watched "Gossip Girl" back in the day and only make it to the third season, right now I'm on season 5 and am so excited to see the end!
But I did ruin it for myself and read spoilers...
My boyfriend and I also got into "Wet, Hot, American Summer:First Day of Camp". Pfffft!

As for movies?
"How to Train Your Dragon", "Shrek" and the random horror movies Netflix has have been favorites.

What are you watching or what are your Netflix picks?

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