Monday, February 29, 2016

Health & Fitness Update (2)

I'm just going to tell my sob story first, okay?

Today sucked.
Last night I went to be just after nine, on a Saturday. I thought for sure I could make it until ten but I was beat.
Then this morning Nathan had his alarm set for five.  Five in the freaking morning.
Of course I heard it, but I rolled over and went back to sleep until six.
He started making all sorts of noise in the kitchen and then just before seven came and jumped on the bed.
BUT! I couldn't even be mad because I promised I would be better in the morning and not so grumpy all the time. Plus he made me waffles and coffee, who can be mad at that even if it's 630am.

The rest of the day I just felt bummed and off.
I ate really heavy foods on Thursday at a Birthday dinner and ever since then I've been in a pissy mood.

So I solved that.
Today I ate better, we went and bought a whole bunch of fresh fruit and veggies and I did some of my meal planning.  I also bought more protein powder as I'm almost done the one I have and I find it's not very filling.

I wanted to go for a run yesterday and today...that didn't happen.
That first step out the door is the absolute hardest.
I have all the tools I need for running except the confidence.
That's always been the hardest part for me, overcoming my anxiety to get out the door and not care that people will see me running.
To get over that I'm considering just running up and down my street three times as it has quite the hill I think it would be a great start!

I might do a haul video or post soon.
I'm going to do a birthday shop for myself and I'm planning on going to town on that. . .
First I need to take care of my car insurance.....

My breakfasts and lunches have been okay lately.
My dinners have been rich and I don't like having rich food in the evening so that needs to stop.
It's hard when it's Birthday Season, so I might actually do a Birthday Breakfast instead of a Birthday Dinner for mine in a week.
Wow, I'm going to be 28 in a week.
Next weekend is declared Birthday Weekend!  Saturday we're going to the city, Sunday will probably be a relax/chore day, Monday will probably be a "Me" day seeing as it is my day.

Have a Lovely week and I will hopefully be back on Wednesday!

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