Friday, March 4, 2016

Please Tell Me You Do This Too!

It's Friday night and I logon to Facebook.
There's lots of action going on in the group for my high school reunion, which is this year.
So I click on it and scroll, boring, boring boring. . .

Start clicking peoples faces who I don't ever remember seeing at school (and yes they're the ones planning it).
People have been busy.

Someone is a makeup artist (and is doing quite well), lots of people have kids, a lot of people have traveled and you know what? It makes me feel bad about my life, so I stop looking.

My life may not be how I pictured it, I honestly thought I would've have traveled a lot more by now.
But I am someone who has never wanted to borrow money or be in debt.  I've always had to earn my own, so here I am working hard hoping that one day I can travel to all the beautiful places I want to see (before I'm 50, I hope).

I need to make my self feel even better.

-I have won contests and traveled places, nothing exotic but at least it was free

-I have been to Comic Con

-I went on a road trip to California last year

-I had many fun, late nights out in my early 20s that I will never forget

-I am happily engaged to my soul mate before I am 30

-I went to Vegas when I turned 21

-I own my car

-I am debt free

-I have a good job

. . .Okay, I am feeling better.

I do that once in awhile, check in on how people are doing with their lives.
I really shouldn't.
It's just a snapshot of their lives they're posting.

Do you do this too?

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