Monday, May 16, 2016

A Fun Weekend

Where is the time going?
It's been a couple weeks hasn't it?
Life has been lazy.
I really wanted to say busy and say that I've been working out everyday and filming for my youtube channel. . .but that's just not the case.
Nathan has been working away from home so that's been hard.  Basically from Friday night to Monday morning I am awol.
Friday nights he's my everything, Saturday I work for half a day and after that my time is devoted to looking at his face.
Sunday nights I drive him to the ferry and cry on the way home.
Mondays I clean, try to edit/blog.
It's been interesting, definitely a different way of living for me.

This past weekend was awesome.
I didn't have to work Saturday so I stayed over at Nathan's parent's house and his mom and I drank wine and painted rocks.
Sounds weird right?
There's this trail that someone has placed a bunch of painted rocks on and we wanted to add to them.
I like the idea of brightening someone's day seeing these rocks (None of these rocks are the ones we painted but pictures are coming soon).

 Then Saturday morning my mom and I headed across the border.
The Canadian dollar sucks right now but you know what? It's nice to get away and see something different.
I bought some makeup items that we don't get here and some cheeky sweets.
It was a fun weekend but I am in desperate need of a cleanse after all of the naughty food I consumed.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and talk to you soon!

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