Monday, September 25, 2017

Time Still Passes

I can't believe September is almost over.  I feel like it was the quickest month yet, but also the loneliest. . .so far.
My dude has been working away.  He was home for about four days before leaving again a week ago.  This time is longer.

He doesn't even work away as long as some people's partners do, but I find that I get stuck inside my head and just land in a dark place.
We're getting closer to buying a house and my greatest fear is being left alone in a whole house with just my thoughts.  So I need to get some hobbies.
Any suggestions?

I recently went to the Etsy market in the mall and it was amazing, people are so creative and brave to put themselves out there.  I struggle to do that.
I like to make birthday cards, but I am not willing to put myself out there to sell them that makes me feel nauseous.

I've been watching lots of movies and t.v. and am getting excited for new seasons of Stranger Things, This is Us, South Park and The Exorcist.
But no Stranger Things spoilers please, I have to wait to watch it until my boy gets home.
It premieres on October 27th, and yes I did take the 28th off in anticipation of the binge and also it's my man's birthday.

If anyone has any tv or movie watching suggestions please leave them below!

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