Sunday, February 25, 2018

One of Those Movie Song Moments

In attempts to figure some sh*t out I have gone back to my old title of 'Confessions of a Boring Girl'.
That's just about 10 years ago now.

I plan on doing a bigger post closer to my (30th) birthday in eleven days, but for now you get this one where I feel utterly lost and confused. Oh and super grumpy and pms-y.

I feel like I could cry at anything, actually just breathing makes me want to cry.
And here I am listening to one of my cry songs  (More Time by Needtobreathe), don't ask me why it's in my cry song list it just is for some reason and only the first half of the song.
My Cry Song List will be a future post, if you're curious that is.

This post was induced by a glass of wine in my new favorite glass:
 I also finally got into using Lightroom for editing and I am in love, so expect better pictures to come.

I feel so crazy in my head lately.
I get pms-y but only once in awhile and it's weird.
So I get like this where it's hard core days of being anxious and irritated by anything and everything and I want to cry because I feel mad all the time and my poor boyfriend gets the brunt of it and I end up confessing that I don't like my job or that he needs to do more chores (yeah, this has happened).
Or I just get emotional and watch sad movies constantly so that I bawl, and listen to my cry song list.

I feel like an angsty teenager right now.

One of those movie song moments happened today. You know when the song playing perfectly lines up with how you feel or what's going on in your life? That's a movie song moment.
So I was all pissed, for undisclosed reasons, and went to the liquor store to get myself a bottle of wine. . .or two.  I walked in and "I'm A Bitch" by Meredith Brooks started playing and I was like "Yes!" I went to the California wine section grabbed a bottle of mine wine, saw it was on blow out for two bucks cheaper and grabbed another.
As I was at the till I was so satisfied as she was singing how she was a bitch, a lover, child, mother etc.
I love those moments.
Please share any movie song moments you've had in the comments, I'd love to read them.

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