Saturday, March 17, 2018

Celebrating My 30th Birthday at Oak Bay Beach Hotel

Last weekend my Mom and I took a trip down island for my birthday.
I think it hit her more than me that I'm thirty, hence the trip.
We stayed at the Oak Bay Beach hotel and had the most amazing time.
I wish we would've stopped to take pictures of the gorgeous seaside, but the roads were pretty busy.  Also the houses there are right up my alley, old Victorian beauties.
The hotel it's self is breath taking.
We, unfortunately, could only stay one night but I'm already planning my next trip back there.
When we stepped into our room we both instantly noticed the view (as seen above) and proceeded to take out our cameras and snap pictures of everything.
There was a card on the table along with two macarons.  The staff at this hotel really when above and beyond to make me feel special, and all it took was this card with a long handwritten note inside.

After stepping outside for some sea air, playing with the heated floors in the bathroom and discovering that the sliding doors to the bath tub and bedroom open and close so you can still see the view, we headed out for dinner.

We ate at our usual 'fancy' spot, Japanese Village, where they cook your food right in front of you.
We thought about trying somewhere new, but Japanese Village never disappoints.
By the time we were done it was almost eight o'clock and we headed back to the hotel to get into our robes and enjoy the Boathouse Spa and baths.
What's great about the baths is they're open until midnight and you can sit back and look up at the stars all while being warm in the nice cozy tub.

Monday morning we got up early and went for breakfast at Oak's Restaurant.  It is an older building, which I personally love, and it's right on the main road so you can do lots of people watching.
The breakfast was delicious and they supply you with ample amounts of coffee.

Eleven o'clock my Mom and I both had spa appointments.  She booked us each in for an hour massage and a thirty minute facial. 
I have never had a massage before, so I was incredibly nervous.
 When we went into the change room we quietly discussed what we were supposed to do, until we gave up being unsure and asked another girl that was in there with us.
She was so sweet and didn't act like we were weird and told us that we can go fully nude or keep on what ever we felt comfortable with.
Once we had a plan we went and sat in the lounge awaiting our appointments.

The girl who I had for my massage/facial was awesome.
I had a great experience for my first massage and already want another one.
They use the brand B.Kamins for their facials, I had never heard of it before but my skin definitely liked it.
After our pampered afternoon we wandered around the malls, but came out empty handed, before heading back home. 
Ten out of ten would go back, but will be booking more than just one night.

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